Whose main business factor is to satisfy, advise, supply inputs and equipment with total quality in services, for the Ecuadorian industrial and residential sector which represents a large percentage of participation in the growth of the country.

That is why thanks to our qualified staff with more than 10 years of experience, with the help of local and international suppliers, we have managed to analyze the lack of attention in the market and propose products and / or quality services with a cost-benefit ratio according to the needs and economy of our potential customers.

Offer high quality products and services that satisfy our customers. Provide reliability, effectiveness and responsibility in the attention of our customers. Generate culture of satisfaction and knowledge of the client and the market.

Be the leading company that provides its customers with the best sales and technical support option in industrial and residential equipment, spare parts and supplies.Provide timely service quality, supported by technology, delivering comprehensive solutions, with highly qualified specialists.Characterize ourselves as a company that develops a service based on customer satisfaction and have significant advantages over other companies.

Mechanical, electrical and installations maintenance service is offered by specialized personnel and supervised by professionals in the area.


  • Installation of black iron pipes, stainless steel industrial and sanitary type.
  • Maneuvers and assemblies of all types of equipment and metal structures such as process machinery, tanks, metal structures, pipes and pipelines.
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of stainless steel machines. Specification and installation of the following systems:
  • Compressed air, fire system, cooling tower, Chillers, service water, steam and condensates, extraction systems and dust collection, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems
  • Arrangements of equipment and pipes.
  • Insulating coating of low and high temperature piping
  • Manufacture of metal structures, etc.
  • Design and installation of process equipment.


  • Residential and industrial electrical installation
  • Three-phase,  single-phase electrical installations
  • Installation of electric motors


  • Supply, Installation, preventive and corrective maintenance of air conditioning equipment for buildings, offices and plants.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of chillers, cooling towers, air conditioning.
  • Advice on projects and installations of: Ventilation, Extraction of air, Pipelines and insulation.
  • Installation and maintenance of roof, gutters, auctions, easels, drippers and rainwater downpipes, waterproofing in general.
  • Reconditioning and painting of machines or equipment.
  • Reconditioning and painting of buildings, offices, plants, whether inside or outside.
  • Maintenance of motors and electrical systems.
  • Maintenance of compressor, pneumatic and hydraulic system.
  • Maintenance of steam systems.