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Integral Solutions

We are a company dedicated to the sale and repair of air conditioning equipment, which seeks to offer its customers the best service in the market.

We have a pro-active human team, expert in Induction Heaters Manufacturing, Steam Autoclaves, and Boilers. With a high degree of experience, willing to meet the specific requirements of our clients, committed to the mission of maintaining our leadership in the continuous offers of our services.


Not everything is air conditioning and electricity: good insulation will help you save up to 40% on the electricity bill. Thus, your team will find it less difficult to cool a space that does not constantly lose that cold or heat penetration.

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Ventilate when cooling outside. During the night or early in the morning, it aerates and renews the air of the house. With the arrival of the heat again, it closes doors and windows. It will help you save up to 30% on consumption.

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Our Services

A/C Spare Parts

We offer a wide range of spare parts for air conditioners of all brands, with guarantee and quality.


Keep the air conditioner clean, you can avoid very expensive repairs and prevent the appliance from losing efficiency and reliability.

Advice and Sale

We advise you in the best way to obtain adequate air conditioning for your home / office or desired site.


Trust us, we schedule visits for proper maintenance of your purchased equipment. Prevent will help detect subsequent severe failures to your device.

Hot Division

Manufacture, Maintenance, of Induction Heaters, Steam Autoclaves and Boilers

Eco Friendly

Ecological, Inverter, we have a wide range of contemporary styles, complying with all Ecuadorian standards (INEN), with energy efficiency for commercial and residential use.

We work with Brands